Brief on the Contextual Processing Protocol Project

Until the development of the Contextual Processing Protocol, several barriers existed that prevented a coordinated utilization of widespread natural products in Nigeria. These include: paucity in research funding; dependence on imported varieties; lack of interest for local production of commodities; poor policy framework for local content; and lack of collaboration between research and industry. The project has therefore been designed not only to deploy the research findings for processing these natural products, but also to overcome the aforementioned challenges. For instance, partnerships with various Governments Agencies to improve ease of obtaining relevant certifications and registrations. Partnerships have also been developed with manufacturers and marketers of the expected finished products. This can help shorten the route to market.

The project has also been designed to harness products from each of the six geopolitical regions in Nigeria. Given the varied nature of Nigeria’s climate and topography, findings from this pilot project can be scaled up and applied in other settings where these products are also found.  

The Contextual Processing Protocol project is a short to medium term stimulus intervention program developed by NIPRD based on existing research on natural resources with phytomedicinal potential. The design of the project is aimed at operationalizing research findings while synergizing various institutional and private sector partnerships that can improve the effective and efficient delivery of the project aims and objectives. The deployment of the project can stimulate rapid employment generation; increase the economic activity of local youths and women; boost revenue generation in the country and improve the health and well-being of Nigerians in general. This project is feasible due to the availability of already validated and tested protocols and highly skilled manpower ready to be deployed to the field with minimal setup time.

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