Quality of Hand Sanitizers and other COVID-19 Commodities Survey


This survey is aimed at assessing Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) of the public towards the quality of Hand Sanitizers and other COVID-19 Commodities in circulation. The information you provide will be anonymised and treated confidentially. However, the outcome of this study may be transmitted to the Local and/or National Government for policy formulation.

Please kindly indicate the correct option by inserting a tick () in the relevant box or by filling the textarea provided.

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  1. Mukhtar Sulaiman Yahaya

    As a former SIWES student in the department of MCQC since 2017 I have known NIPRD to be providing hand washing disinfectants kept by the doorway of each and every department which one uses when exiting the department. Talk-less of now that hand sanitizer is compulsory i believe that NIPRD will do their best to protect this Nation.

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