Webinar Conference on Expediting Local Vaccines’ Manufacturing in Nigeria

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The National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD) is the only one of its kind in the Region, and is statutorily charged with the responsibility for research and development of drugs, vaccines, phytomedicines, commodities, and diagnostics aimed at improving sustainable access to safe, affordable and high-quality healthcare. NIPRD is also mandated to undertake activities relating to capacity building, policymaking, data collation, drug distribution and the development of contextual partnerships that can improve access to medicines, and consequently expedite access to healthcare and socioeconomic development.

In line with this statutory mandate, the Institute has now partnered with the European Union and the Bulgarian Government to organize a Webinar Conference with the theme “Expediting Local Vaccines’ Manufacturing in Nigeria: Challenges, Opportunities and Prospects”. The Conference is aimed at bringing relevant stakeholders in the vaccine value chain together for the purpose of developing contextual strategies to achieve sustainable local production of vaccines in Nigeria. Emergent evidence indicates that this approach would expedite the translation of research outcomes into products, and consequently improve the health and well-being, whilst also promoting associated socioeconomic benefits.

With lessons learnt from COVID-19 pandemic, the criticality of undertaking this Webinar Conference is even more important. The Webinar will provide an opportunity to engage multidisciplinary stakeholders, with a view to develop a robust and comprehensive model that can stimulate sustainable vaccine research funding through innovative and contextual strategies. It is also aimed at assessing relevant gaps that exist in the vaccine value chain.

Below are news excerpts of the Webinar Conference which held Friday,
June 23, 2023 between 9 - 11 Am (WAT)

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